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From Ken Silver:
Thursday 10.30am.


Hi, Ken Silver here--founder of the best-selling Silver Lotto System since 1991.

Over my years on the net many people have asked for my advice about free online lotteries:

  • Which are worth playing?
  • Will they rip us off?
  • Will we get paid?

It is a worry... after all - how can you tell which of the many free lotto online games are reputable? They generally aren't government-backed like many of the lotto games that appear on your tv.

"I've searched for months and not found anything like this amazing resource for free lotto games. I recommend it as probably the best way for you to avoid scammers and profit from free online lotto." - Ken Silver

So, How Do You Avoid The Free Lotto Scams... And Stop Losing Your Prize Money Too?

How will you ever know which few of the thousands of free online lotteries won't run off with your winnings?

And, which free lottos:

  • Will give you the best winning odds?
  • Will actually pay you when you win? (Some don't!)
  • Will pay you without any fussy legal prequalification?

Could you find these perfect free lotto online games quickly--if at all? All I can tell you is it will normally take you months of searching and effort to weed out this information.

So I gave up trying to help people in this area. I put it in the 'too hard' basket. But then...

Let Me Tell You About This Low Cost, Fact-Packed Manual Which Will Solve Your Problems. . .

Yes, someone else did it. An author and free lotto expert created a breakthrough product. After extensive research he compiled a groundbreaking ebook revealing the best free online lotto games which I think is the best resource of its kind around.

This low-cost manual tells you in an instant which are the genuine online free lotteries. It tells how you can find the best games to play--and warns you against others you shouldn't touch.

I don't give praise lightly, but I will now:

"This is the Best Resource available!..."

"I'm so impressed with its usefulness, it is one of the very few information manuals I'm willing to fully back and recommend."

Ken Silver
Silver Lotto System

And many others agree with me...

"Followed all the rules and heard nothing,
so I stopped playing it..."

"You mention a RED FLAG for [this lottery], and it is true. I won 20 Dollars in February this year, followed all the rules to collect the money and never heard a thing, so I stopped playing it. I think it is a fraud.

Your book is very interesting and informative, thank you..."

- Ernst L Uebel
Gray Court, South Carolina


"It was worth every penny...
to get the gems among the trash."

"I totally loved your book on the fine print in the rules of 75* on-line free lotteries. I have read it over and over. It was worth every penny.

You showed me that more than 50 of the on-line lotteries are not worth my time because the odds are too long, the rules for claiming a prize are too vague, or the relationship between the odds of winning and the size of the jackpot is too ridiculous for words.

Thank you for pointing out the ten or so gems among the trash."

- Lucy E Willis

In Minutes You Can Stop The Rip-Off Merchants Attacking And Blocking Your Hard-Won, Rightful Winnings...

This unique ebook takes away the uncertainty of discovering which lotto could be ripping you off. It reveals:

  • How to massively increase your odds. It tells you how to find out which lotteries have the best odds of winning the jackpot. And which ones give you the best odds of winning any cash prize.
  • This book will save you hours of research. The author found the odds of hitting a Jackpot in any online lottery went from 1:53,000 to 1 in over 16,000,000,000! Could you find the top game with the best odds? I doubt it.

  • Some lotteries trick you by having special rules that make it virtually impossible to win the jackpot. Which ones are they? How long would it take you to find them?

  • Which online lotteries have critical fine print that will swamp your winning chances for good? How can you tell without a lot of reading? Don't bother - this Guide has it all.
  • How to avoid the 'fine print' that will suck away your free time. In the latest edition the author spent months combing through the rules and legal prints of 50 lotteries. He discovered that some games have technicalities that literally prevent you from ever winning the Jackpot... even if you match ALL of the numbers!

  • Which lotteries really have the top rankings? You'll read how fellow lotto players rank each large lotto on a scale of 1-5. Reader voting is often the best way.

  • Which two lotteries won the "Players Choice Award" and "Editor's Choice Award" for being top in their field for ease and prizes. Information like this gives essential shortcuts you cannot afford to pass over.

  • The author uncovers a new trend in free online lotteries and tells you about sites that let you play without even viewing sponsor ads.

"I wish I'd found your book earlier!"

"I started a card file shortly after I began playing lottos. This helped me weed out the high odds games and keep track of the draw dates and times so I wouldn't miss playing. 

I later discovered that you had already done all the same work! I have pasted your "card files" on the back of mine. Great book! Nicely laid out and very informative.

I just wish I had found your book earlier!"

- Kathy P   
Bedford, Texas

There's Much More Revealed In This Manual That Will Accelerate Your Winnings And Qualify You For The Top Prizes....

  • How to locate the biggest Jackpots. Each free lottery review includes the prize amount, drawing frequency, odds, and other details.

  • Which free lotteries pay fast--and which ones make you wait over 40 years to claim all of your winnings!

  • Who is NOT eligible to play. Why people in two US states can't win more than $5,000 in most free lotteries, regardless of the Jackpot! (Which states? Are YOU in one of them?)

Without this ebook you may be wasting your time playing your current free online lotto. But with it, you can start playing legitimate lotteries with better odds... and start winning money today.


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This essential Guide will help you avoid scams, fraud and rip-offs in dozens of ways when you play online lotteries, all for just $29. It will:

Save you from ruthless online crooks.
Prevent you from playing worthless lotteries.
Lead you to the lotteries that really pay off.

This US$29 offer with FREE One Year Upgrades won't stay this low for long. That's because I persuaded the author that his original price was too low for the amount of work and information he has put in. So he raised it.

Though the price went up on 1st April, it's still far too low in my opinion. He can't possibly make a profit even at this price. His generous offering of Free Upgrades is time consuming and simply not economic.

So get in now while the price is still low and your Free Upgrades are secure.

You're Fully Protected With This 100% Guarantee Too . . .

... because the author offers a 100% Buy Now, Decide Later, Money-Back Guarantee! If within 60 days you aren't satisfied that your lotteries guide delivers on every promise made here, he'll refund your money!

Yes Ken!
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Founder: Silver Lotto System since 1991

P.S. Don't forget that the "Free Lotteries Guide" not only tells you which lotteries have the best odds of winning the minimum cash prize - but which will actually pay out! Playing just a few of these lottos--and winning a few dollars at each--will pay for this ebook!

Still not convinced about free online lottos? Read what these buyers say about this lotteries guide . . .


"I found out which Lottos suck."

"The Free lotto ebook helped me save a lot of time trying to find out which lottos are good and which ones "suck". A GOOD BOOK, it's worth the money$."

- Jeffrey K

"I consult your book on a regular basis..."

"Hey I like your book. I keep a hard copy and consult it on a regular basis as I do play a lot of lotto's."

- Tom Mink 
Anza, CA

"Your warnings are invaluable."

"..your info about the tips and warnings are invaluable. You have a great product, keep up the good work!"

- Michael Sawyer 
Royal Oak, Michigan

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*75 - The number of online lotteries in the book has changed to 50 since this testimonial was written.

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